We focus relentlessly on uncovering actionable insight within your customer data and apply those insights in real-time. Using open-source technologies, we make sure that you’ll always benefit from the latest thinking & techniques.



Data Discovery

By combining exploratory data analysis with interactive visualisations and statistics, we can help you to uncover and validate the key drivers within your customer base leading to better analyses and faster decisions. 

We will reveal changes over time, what is happening now in real-time and what is likely to happen in the future. 

We create “playbooks” of data flags to support and help guide subsequent analytics projects in the roadmap.




Customer Segmentation

We will help you to build segmentations to help increase profitability whilst positively addressing customer needs for creating relevancy, changing behaviour and improving performance. 

By classifying your customers or prospects into clearly defined groups tailored to your requirements, we can match products and services to the individual. 

We can help you better define customer universes, target communications to the relevant customers, identify opportunities to change behaviour and improve sales, traffic, revenue by deploying campaigns in a more cost effective manner.

Predictive Modelling

We are experts in building predictive models to identify prospects or customers most likely to behave in a particular way. 

Whether you’re looking to identify those that are more likely to buy (cross-sell, up-sell, next-best action), respond (response & conversion) or even leave your business (churn) we use proven techniques to model outcomes and provide you with models, algorithms and scored data.